You may have heard or seen a lot of things about kettlebell training lately, and it may seem like it is the latest fitness trend going on now.

With the increase in popularity of kettlebell training, there has been a rapid influx of video’s, workouts, and books published that cover all kinds of different techniques and tips for training with kettlebells.

The popularity of them are even growing in Hollywood! 
Just as an example, many of the actors in the movie ‘300’ reported that a big part of their workouts each day consisted of using kettlebells to train to help keep their bodies as ripped as they were for the movie.

How Many Years Have Kettlebells Been Popular?

History of Kettlebells

What Do Kettlebells Look LikeKettlebells themselves resemble a bowling ball with a handle attached to it, quite a lot in appearance to that of a handle on a kettle, hence their name.
Much like bowling balls, they also come in various weights and sizes.

Regardless of the shape or the size, the techniques and methods you should use to use them are the same.

Kettlebells are not actually a newly created exercise fad contraption that was developed by some entrepreneur for infomercials you see on TV on those late nights you find you can’t sleep.
Research shows that they have actually been around for MUCH longer than that!

How long you ask?

They have been dated back to being used for training by the Olympians in ancient Greece, albeit with a slight difference.

That difference being that theirs were carved out of stone and not made of steel like ours are today.

You can probably imagine a crudely carved spherical shape in stone with a handle attached to it.
While still quite effective, you have to admit that they aren’t near as cool as some of the ones we have today that you can even get in multiple colors!
(Before anyone asks, yes they make pink kettlebells!)

Despite their seemingly odd appearance, one thing cannot be denied – Kettlebells are an extremely useful tool if you want to shed fat and get your body toned! 

Using them will help to increase your core strength, and they are are very efficient at targetting several muscles that standard barbells and dumbbells either cannot or have extreme difficulty reaching, which is why I included them in the best exercises to get ripped abs fast!

Whether you are a runner, a golfer, martial artist, soccer player, etc., any athlete can dramatically increase the rewards from their training program if they mix in some kettlebell training into their normal routine.

Also, as a bonus for some, training with them will generally require less time working out due to the nature of the exercises associated with them.

In general, the workout time for a good kettlebell routine ranges from around 20 minutes on up to 45 minutes, a lot of it depending on the strength and stamina of the individual doing the workout.

So how is that less time you may ask?

Well, that kind of depends what you are use to doing I guess, but as a comparison… 
Doing a proper high-intensity workout with kettlebells for right around 30 minutes will be as effective as going out for a run for 60 minutes.
Then the even better part – the afterburn effect when you have completed your workout will have your body furiously burning calories for up to 8 to 12 hours later!


The training is generally made up of a few moves such as swings, snatches, cleans and drop squats.

The primary key to training effectively with one is the hip drive which is what puts the power behind all of the moves and motions, forcing your entire body to take part in the workout rather than just 1 or 2 sets of muscles.
This is why kettlebells are so good at training your core, helping you work out more effectively than you ever could with using dumbbells!


Let me give you an example…
Imagine you have a dumbbell in your hand right now, go through the motion in your head of doing a couple of bicep curls.

Do you feel which muscles it hits?

Sure it’s great for your elbow flexors, it works your bicep nicely, and 1 or 2 of the surrounding muscles.

Now compare that to a snatch with a kettlebell.
This will work your arm, shoulder, back, thighs, legs, and most importantly – your core, all in 1 move.

This ensures a much more thorough full body workout that will force your body to burn a lot more calories because you are engaging more muscles!

So Why the Sudden Burst of Popularity With Kettlebells?

Even though they have been around for a while, the sudden burst, or craze, in kettlebell training is because thousands of people have reported swift weight loss with kettlebell workouts.

Like most things in our society now are prone to do, anytime something is faster, bigger, easier, etc. it garners attention.

The real truth of the matter is that kettlebell training is resistance training, and core training all rolled into one.

Also, unlike dumbbells, these have been taken up by many more women, creating twice the audience that some other workout gear has received in the past. 

While a lot are generally intimidated by weight equipment that ‘looks too heavy’, or “manly,” find that they are more apt to give kettlebells a try.

As one lady told me once when I had asked her, “they just seem a lot cuter, and I really dig some of the colors they come in!


If you really want a very effective method of fat loss, resistance training is fantastic at it.

Many who may have been more averse to heavier or more “hardcore” equipment in the gym, and did not add in resistance training to their regular workout regime will see some spectacularly quick results if they give kettlebells a try.

Just remember, it’s not so much the kettlebells themselves that do the trick, but the properly done workouts you do with them and the nature of what those workouts entail.


So, harder workouts, you are engaging more muscles in your body, causing more calories to be burned, resulting in a faster loss of fat in your body.

This leads to a person getting more toned and finally getting a beautiful body.

Sounds like a dream come true right?

No wonder they have become so popular lately!