Amidst the astonishing amount of brands and types available on the market, it’s no great surprise that many people are often confused about which fitness ball they should purchase for themselves.

Exercise balls come with many names and sizes, only helping to add to the possible confusion!

Whether you call them by that name or any of the others, such as Pilates Ball, Swiss Ball, Yoga ball, Workout ball, Stability ball, Balance ball, Birthing ball, Physio-ball, Chiropractic ball or Medicine balls, they serve the same purpose – they help to strengthen your core muscles and build your balance!

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How to choose the correct size exercise ball

I want to start out by stating that we are talking about the full-size exercise balls here, not the smaller mini-balls that you see people using for pushups, or coordination type exercises.

Choosing the size of your workout ball is crucial for getting the most out of your workouts with them.
You wouldn’t want to purchase a desk chair that has you sitting in an awkward position that hurts your back all day, would you? I wouldn’t either!

The majority of the brands out there will have sizing charts printed on the package they come in or the website you purchase them from.

You will want to be sure to take a look at them and make sure you are getting one that corresponds to your height appropriately.

Here is a helpful chart that I made to use as a guide in assisting you to find the correct size exercise ball for you!

Exercise Ball Size Chart

Be sure to double check the size table on the brand that you purchase though, as it may slightly vary between manufacturers.

When you have the correct size ball, you should be able to sit comfortably on it with your knees at a right angle and your thighs parallel to the ground, and depending if you are getting it for the purpose of exercise with a ball, or using as a chair, it may impact the size you will want as well!

If you want my recommendation, my vote would have to be for the URBNfit Exercise Ball, you can follow that link to my review on it.

Ultimately whether you are looking for a great ball to do workouts with, or you are wanting to use it for a desk chair to help your core muscles a bit while sitting at your computer, be sure to pick one out that is labeled as anti-burst.

This is especially true if you are following along with the prenatal exercise ball workouts or the postnatal workouts that you can do with your baby!

Baby or not though, anti-burst is a good thing, all of the brands are relatively cheap, I wouldn’t recommend saving up to 1 dollar not to have it.

Also, be sure to look over some of the color choices, a lot of brands offer a vast array of options to pick from, you may as well grab a color that you really like!