If you feel tired all the time, you may notice that it frequently can lead to you performing poorly at work, not spending enough quality time with your family or friends, or just simply not quite feeling like yourself.

If you have been wonder why it is that you always feel tired or exhausted, there very well could be a medical explanation for it.

There are many reasons why you may feel tired most, if not all, of the time. Let me show you some of the more common reasons that could be behind it.

Common Reasons You May Continually Feel Tired

Not Getting Enough Sleep at Night

This one probably seems like a fairly obvious one to most people, but you may just be feeling tired all of the time because you are prone to never really getting enough sleep when you do sleep.

Even if you have a day, or even a week, of great sleep, it really isn’t enough to compensate for going several weeks at a time with a paltry amount of sleep.

Your body really needs a good nights rest, consistently, to perform optimally.

You may want to talk to your doctor about some herbal remedies or sleeping aids that could assist you in falling asleep and helping you get a better night’s sleep!

Iron Deficiency Anemia

If you are someone that suffers from anemia, you will find that you are exhausted quite often, even if you are getting an ample amount of sleep every night. Maintaining a sufficient level of iron in your body is essential.

If you are not sure if you do or not, and you find yourself continually getting worn out a lot more than the majority of people seem to, it may be time for you to take a trip to visit your doctor.
A relatively simple blood test can show if you are anemic or not.

Being anemic isn’t the end of the world, and in most cases can be relatively simple to control by either iron pills, liquid iron, or making sure you eat foods that are rich in iron more often than not.

Having An Underactive Thyroid

If you have an underactive thyroid, it can come with various effects, some more unpleasant than others.
One of which is your body continually feeling tired.

Some of the other effects can include dry skin on parts of your body, having muscle and joint aches, and for many, it can make it extremely difficult to lose weight.

It is a fairly common condition that affects a lot of people all around the world. There is, however, some good news.

Much like iron deficiency anemia, having an underactive thyroid can be detected with blood tests you can get from your doctor.

Also, your thyroid function can be improved in most cases by taking the hormone thyroxine, or one of the others that may be available to you.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is a relatively common condition which manifests itself in people and can last several months, and at times, even longer than that.

Many people who get this condition struggle for a while trying to understand why they always feel so tired, since it is quite difficult for the doctors to detect by using methods such as blood tests, etc. that they would use to diagnose some of the other things.

Chronic fatigue syndrome often times rears its head along with other symptoms, such as headaches and aching joints.


For a while, it was pretty popular for many people to dismiss depression solely as a mental health condition, or some other kind of mental state that someone needed to get over themselves. However, depression can, and does quite often, affect people physically as well.

It can completely drain your body of energy, continually making you feel like you are exhausted, want to fall asleep, or just want to ‘sit out’ and vegetate for a while instead of doing any kind of activity.

Aside from it making you feel more tired, it can also significantly affect your sleep cycle.
Making you feel like you can’t go to bed when you usually do, or when you are finally asleep, you tend to oversleep quite often, or even regularly wake up earlier than you intended to.

Affecting your sleep cycle and not ever letting you feel like you got a good nights rest will definitely make you feel exhausted throughout the day.

Whether it be one of these reasons or any other reasons, it is essential to take care of yourself.

Feeling tired for a day or two at times can be very reasonable, depending on what you were doing ahead of time.
But feeling that way for weeks, or even months, on end – is not normal.

Talk to your doctor, change your diet, etc.  There are quite a few things you can try.