This is, unfortunately, a topic that is frequently overlooked or simply not discussed.

In general, weight loss is always centered around one person, not necessarily the benefits others may have on you or the motivation that your journey may give to others.

So what exactly do weight loss and weight management mean to you personally?

Is it about getting a bulked out – muscled out physique?

Is it all about getting a slim and beautiful or sexy figure?

Is it about trying to turn others heads when you walk by?

Is it merely about being healthier so that you can live longer or keep up with your children or grandchildren?

Are you wanting to have more self-confidence and you’re hoping to love yourself more?

I’ll tell you right now, all of these are worthy ideals to pursue!
Shame on anyone that would tell you otherwise!
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there is nothing wrong with you just being fat, or that it’s shallow of you to want to look good, be more healthy, or just be the best you that you can be!

The only thing that matters is that you do what is right for you!

So now you’ve achieved your ideal weight and fulfilled your weight loss goals…

What now?
What happens next?
Is this it or is there more to do?

Maintaining your new weight can be just as much of a challenge, if not more so, for some people.

How do you stay motivated now that you’ve achieved your goals?

In this post, I want to show you why ‘paying it forward’ can not only yield you personal rewards many times over but also make you feel much happier and motivated to keep it up at the same time!

Most of us know by now that the weight loss industry is a major one.

What you may or may not know is that it is actually a multi-billion-dollar industry.
There is one simple reason for this – millions of people are desperate to lose weight.

There are as many reasons out there why people want to lose weight as there are “products” to help them to do so.
Many people are willing to try just about anything to help themselves, all they really need though is someone willing to give them friendly and useful advice.
If you yourself have successfully hit your goals, the chances are fairly good that you’ve come across someone asking you for help or advice.

This is one of the main reasons why Christine and I started this site – we wanted someplace to be able to bash the crap products that don’t work and elevate the ones that do.
We are sick of people trying to profit off of others misery.

Be generous when giving out advice; tell them what has and what has not worked for you.

You’ll not only be helping them and giving them some motivation, but you’ll find you’ll also be helping yourself – Much like we have observed with this site!

So why help others achieve their weight loss goals and dreams?

It will give you a boost to your self-esteem

When people look at you and ask you for advice, knowing you’re someone that has ‘been there and done that,’ it will help increase your self-esteem.

This can not only be incredibly useful for developing your own confidence but also to assist in keeping you from sinking into the vicious spiral of eating to make yourself feel good.

You know by now that you don’t need to eat to make yourself feel happy, because you already feel good.

Keep at it and keep your confidence up, and you’ll soon see it start to rub off on others.

When they see how far you’ve come and everything that you have achieved, they will, in turn, believe it is possible for them to do it as well.

This is absolutely priceless; you are their new personal role model for weight loss!

It helps you to maintain your goals

When you are helping someone else on their journey to lose weight, you can be either their training partner, accountability partner or even be helping them plan their meals and so on.

You can help guide them along their path, be a confidant for them when they slip up, and help them keep moving forward.
While assisting them, you’ll always have it in the back of your mind that you also need to be innately aware of being consistent in maintaining your goals as well.

You will find that you will be much more mindful about your diet and training regularly so that you can be someone that others can look up to because, in order to be your best at helping someone else with their weight goals, you need to be in control of your weight and habits as well.

This will keep you much more vigilant and consistent in your own habits and weight management.

It helps in giving you purpose

For the most part, helping others will generally make you feel good about yourself.

It can also give you more sense of purpose, knowing that you are making a positive impact in someone else’s life.

There will be times here and there where you will feel exhausted and stressed when you see the person that you have been assisting keep slipping up, or you may find that they are somewhat challenging to keep motivated or they continuously have a less than a positive attitude.

It’s normal, it happens.

If you are helping more than one person, though, the chances are excellent that you will start to see some success stories.

It is imperative, though, to remember not to take responsibility for the successes.

Why, do you ask?

It is good not to take responsibility either way.
This way if they fail, it will keep you from feeling bad about that as well.

Ultimately your goal in assisting others is to help them to the best of your ability and then leave them to do the rest.

They have to know that they can do it themselves, much like you did.

Triumph or failure – you teach them to swim the best you can; it’s up to them if they sink or swim.

You’ll find you learn many new things

When you are helping others in their weight loss goals, you will notice some things that may have worked very well for you won’t necessarily work well for them, and vice-versa.
You can be a huge asset for them by assisting them in tweaking their workouts, diets, etc.

By trying out new things and discovering what works best for them, you will learn more about weight loss and how trying different methods can ultimately achieve the same results.

In the long run, this information may prove beneficial to you if you happen to encounter any weight loss problems yourself, or if you are attempting to assist someone else who’s having a lot of difficulty with their weight loss.

Your experiences could be incredibly useful to someone.

Once you have achieved your goals and have the body that you desire, help others to do the same and tutor them in their weight loss goals if they ask.
Then ask them to pay it forward and assist someone else in theirs.

In the long run, you may never know how many people’s lives you may have touched or changed for the better; you never know where the ripple effect will end.
But you’ll know that your life has changed for the better, and you’ll be happier for it – and that is a very worthwhile goal.