The Story Behind Fit Initiate

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At Fit Initiate, we understand how easy it is to become quickly overwhelmed once you decide to set a health or fitness goal.

Whether you want to improve your eating habits, lose weight, get into shape, build muscle, or even just looking for general information on any of the topics above.  We know that there are thousands of “experts” out there willing to sell you the next fad advice or piece of gear.

If you are like us, at some point you have decided that you need to lose some weight, bulk up, get more flexible, or whatever your New Year’s resolution – or otherwise – was.

Great, so you look online to find a plan.
Instantly you see hundreds, if not thousands of people claiming that they are experts and willing to sell you exactly what you need. Only to find out later on, that it isn’t what you needed in the first place and you revert to your old habits.

We’ve been there, we’ve done that… Way too many times!

We want to change that!

The dream behind this website is to give an informative and reliable place that you can get relevant and practical information to allow you to make informed decisions, rather than just buying into the latest fad and hoping for the best.

While this site will contain some affiliate links – they help afford me the ability to purchase more products to try out to write reviews of – we firmly believe in being bluntly honest, and will always share our thoughts on if a particular product is complete and utter shit; or if it is as good or even better than they claim it to be.
We do not claim ourselves as, or pretend to be, experts in many of the subjects here on this site – we do, however, consider ourselves to be your every day averages Joe’s (and Jane’s) that do our due diligence in our research to bring the best and most informative material that you can find on the web.

We research and try it ourselves before we write about it.

We want this site not only to be a reliable resource, but our wish is also for it to become a community of like-minded individuals.

Please feel free to leave comments, email us, and chat with us.  Hell, send us a snail mail if that is what you prefer!
We started this site for you, and for us.

This little corner of the web is our motivation to live healthier lives and to finally achieve our fitness goals.

We humbly invite you to join us on our journey!


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In a lot of ways, I was your typical dad type. I had been married for quite a few years, and somewhere along the way I stopped caring about my weight, whether or not I was eating healthy, and a plethora of other things that most all of us do to our bodies that really are not what we should be doing.

At one point I attempted to quit smoking, and even though I was successful in that endeavor, I found that I had gained 30 pounds in the first month alone! Tack on six more months and I was up to 286 pounds.

Something had to change.

As many do, I decided to try out some of the latest fad equipment, diets, etc. Some worked well, at least for a while, some – not so much. Finally through frustration at my weight, stress from work, and a couple of other not-so-good excuses, I started smoking again.

Nine months I had quit – stupid right? I agree!

Through diet and exercise, I had finally lost down to 205 pounds – not bad!  But I still needed to quit smoking and lose the last little bit (190 was my target).

Now fast forward another year – life happens, I travel for work ( a LOT), so I’m not always eating or getting proper exercise as I should.

I keep bouncing between 210 and 230, rockin’ the dad bod like a boss, but not entirely happy since I never seem able to reach my original goal.

I needed motivation, and I found it – here, with this site.

I’ve always been good at research, and I knew there had to be others out there in the same boat as I – wholly frustrated at nothing but advertisements when all we are after is the answer.

I’ve already started, and I’m going to do my absolute best to show you what actually works, and what doesn’t.

Join me on my journey – let’s achieve our goals together!

I’m a mother, I work, I have a busy schedule, and I haven’t always been great at picking healthy options for myself.

I had always imagined having a beautiful body, being able to run in marathons and wear anything I wanted while looking good in it.

I found that as time slipped by though, it got harder and harder to motivate myself to get up and go to the gym. I knew I needed to re-examine how I look at my schedule and make time for it.

When Matthew approached me a few months ago, with this ‘wild and crazy’ idea, I was skeptical to say the very least.

You’re going to make a website talking about health & fitness.

Neither of us has the body of a model, and we are not doctors, so why would anyone want to listen to what we have to say about nutrition either?

I’ve known him for years.  I knew he had struggled with his weight off and on, as I had as well; but to try to teach something we weren’t experts at ourselves?

Yes, quite skeptical.

I told him I would think about it for a few days and think about it I did.

The more I looked online, the more I realized he was right, there aren’t very many good places to look for information without seeing a bunch of advertisements wanting to sell you the ‘next best thing.’ I knew I had struggled to try to find decent guides when I tried to lose weight after giving birth to my last child.

I agree this site could be not only great motivation for ourselves to reach our own fitness goals – but how cool would it be if we motivated others to do the same?

They say the best way to ‘truly’ learn something is to teach it, and if I can help even one other person to reach his or her goals and finally be happy with themselves, I believe that would be absolutely amazing!

That said, let us dig in and become the people that we sincerely want to be!